Tigase, Inc.

Instant Communication

Instant Messaging, Push Notifications, Social Networking
IoT, Data Collection, Automation, and much more...

Our Solutions

Tigase Messaging

  1. Scalable server
  2. Group Chat
  3. File transfer
  4. Mobile Clients
  5. Abuse Protection

Tigase IoT

  1. Sensor Drivers
  2. IoT Hub for LAN
  3. Mobile Applications
  4. Cloud Service

Tigase Push

  1. Publish-Subscribe
  2. iOS Push
  3. Android Push
  4. SMS Push
  5. E-mail forwarding

Tigase Extras

  1. Unified Archive
  2. Audit-Log
  3. STUN
  4. Socks5 Proxy

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Latest news

After a long development period and single Release Candidate version Tigase team is proud to present you new major, General Availability release of Tigase XMPP Server packed with many new features and improvements.
After a long development period Tigase team is proud to present you release candidate of a new major release of Tigase XMPP Server packed with many new features and improvements.
A new stable, maintenance version of Tigase Server 7.1.5 has been released.

The basic questions

What is Tigase?
Tigase is a name of our company and it is also a name of our software for near real-time / instant communication.
We have several Tigase software products for both the server and client side, like Tigase XMPP Server, Tigase iOS Messenger, Tigase Android Messenger, Tigase IoT, and do on...
What is "near" real-time communication?
Why is it "near real-time" and not just "real-time"?
Well, the thing is that Tigase software allows for a comminication over Internet and Internet itself is not really a real-time network. There is no guarantee on the delivery time or on delivery at all. Therefore, while the Tigase XMPP Server can process about 10k - 50k messages per CPU core on the server and can push all the messages to the network, there is no guarantee that all these messages will be delivered within specific timeframe.
We can make assumptions that for a HW system properly scaled and configured connected through a network with specific capacity all the messages will be delivered on average within required time (1 second for example). This is "near real-time". That is most of messages are delivered on average within required timeframe but we can make no guarantee on this due to network constraints which are not within our or anybody control.
How does Tigase work?
Tigase software is mostly written in Java and it supports a number of network protocols and open standards for a secure network communication. The main network protocol used by Tigase is XMPP also known as Jabber.
Tigase allows to connect large number of people or devices to the network server to communicate with each other or to collect data from devices like IoT sensors.
How long is Tigase on the market?
Tigase as a project started in September 2004. It is now well over 10 years old and very mature software with large number of deployments. There are over 3,500 servers worldwide running Tigase and well over 300 millions of people using Tigase based services, often unknowningly.

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