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Latest news

Tigase XMPP Server: Tigase Projects Website on Markdown now
We have changed content format from Textile to Markdown today. Please make sure you use correct formatting markup.
Added by Artur Hefczyc 4 days ago

Autonomous Obstacles Detecting Vehicle : Color detection
Colour detection program is now able to find eg. tennis ball in a room and shows it's position and size.
Added by Pawel Zaborny 15 days ago

Autonomous Obstacles Detecting Vehicle : color detection and aruco markers detection
I created javaFX GUI reading and displaying image from camera which is able to detects colours and shows edges of given object in real time.
Added by Pawel Zaborny 20 days ago

Autonomous Obstacles Detecting Vehicle : Completing hardware and aruco markers detection
Monsterborg is fully assembled and initial investigation on aruco markers detection in java openCV.
Added by Pawel Zaborny 26 days ago

Autonomous Obstacles Detecting Vehicle : Software installation
Added by Pawel Zaborny about 1 month ago

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