how to add friend

lin jiafu
Added over 1 year ago

i hava config sess-man/plugins-conf/auto-authorize=true in then i want to add friend by jaxmpp3.2.0. how can i do? thanks.

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 1 year ago

As described in documentation (mind the link - you have to scroll a bit) with such configuration:

Both of these settings are false by default, and you may use them together or separately. The following behavior is followed when they are both activated:

  • Upon sending a subscription request - Both contacts will each others' subscription and be added to each others' roster. Presence information will immediately be exchanged between both parties.

  • Upon sending presence with type either unsubscribe or unsubscribed follows the rules defined in RFC regarding processing of these stanzas (i.e. adjusting subscription type of user/contact), but without forwarding those stanzas to the receiving entity to avoid any notifications to the client. However, a roster push is generated to reflect changes to presence in user roster in a seamless manner.

  • Simply adding an item to the roster (i.e. with stanza with correct semantics) will also cause an automatic subscription between the user and the contact in a matter explained above.

Please be aware that this will work only within particular Tigase server instance!