Create VHosts from commandline

Luca Stucchi
Added almost 4 years ago

Hi everybody,

I am trying to create a tigase VHost from tclmt but I get a strage error launching the command:

tigase@xmpp:~/tclmt/tclmt-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT$ bin/ -u -p domainpwd -ip  comp-repo-item-add vhost-man true false false 0 "" "" "" "" 

And what I get is

INFO: Create empty DB.
awaiting response...
Error executing script comp-repo-item-add
    groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: tigase.jaxmpp.j2se.xml.J2seElement.getFirstChild() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [value]
Possible solutions: getFirstChild() 

What is the meaning of this message ? I think that it could be some wrong parameter; anybody can direct me to a correct example of using this command ?

Thanks in advance,


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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam almost 4 years ago

There was an issue with CompRepoItemAdd script in which methods from newer version of Jaxmpp2 were used by TCLMT which depends on older version of library. I fixed this script and new version of this script is available at

Added by Luca Stucchi almost 4 years ago

Great, I see that now the script no longer crashes, giving the same command ! Thank you so much !

Will this fix be released in a new version of the whole tcmlt archive ?

All the best,



Added by Luca Stucchi almost 4 years ago

Just a little clarification. In the Example row of the metadata we have

bin/ -u admin@domain -p "password" -s node comp-repo-item-add vhost-man new_domain enabled anonymous register max_users presence_forward message_forward other_options owner_of@domain admin_of@domain

but that is missing a couple of parameters, since the correct one is

bin/ -u admin@domain -p "password" -s node comp-repo-item-add vhost-man new_domain enabled anonymous register tls_required s2s_secret domain_filter_policy domain_filter_domains max_users allowed_C2S_BOSH_WebSocket_ports presence_forward message_forward other_options allowed_SASL_mechanisms owner_of@domain admin_of@domain

If anybody wanted to use this script this would be the first line they will look, and having a correct example would help since there is no easy way to get the full list unless trying step by step and seeing what you are asked for !

Would you add the complete indication, or should I create a diff file ? (don't think there is the need, but If you want I am more than happy to do that !)

All the best,