Tigase and Gateway

Added about 5 years ago

Hi all

I'am trying to use Tigase with Spectrum2 to be able to chat with other chat services ( for example yahoo).

I think I managed to configure both Spectrum2 and tigase.

When using Psi client I managed to retrieve my Yahoo service and to register into it.

But then I expected to retrieve all my yahoo friends with my roster, instead of that I get only one yahoo friend which seems to be 'me' on the yahoo network.

Here is the result of the Roster

( is "my" domain, is my yahoo service id configured in Spectrum2)

( test1 and test3 are 2 friends on my xmpp server )



When I connect through converse.js and bosh ( which will be my final configuration) , it is the same thing (I see my friend test1 and a friend ).

So did I misconfigured Tigase and/or spectrum2, or did I misunderstood how gateways work?

Does anybody knows if converse.js can be use with XMPP gateways?