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sahil sethi
Added almost 5 years ago

Hello everyone,

I am New to Tigase and installed it on my local machine,and then using pidgin ,i created two accounts and can log in through them but when i tried to request for chat to other user ,it shows sent for authorization but its not get received at other account,then i tried to log in at other chat client but still nothing appears please help me in this regard and also tell me how to see admin in web browser or configure through web browser.

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Added by Abraham Varricatt almost 5 years ago

On a similar note (I'm working with Sahil); is there any documentation that we are missing?

Here is what we did.

  1. Downloaded JDK version 1.7 and installed on windows 7 system (32 bit)

  2. Downloaded the Tigase installer from (windows version, file "tigase-server-5.2.0-b3447.exe" )

  3. Installed the software, leaving it at default settings.

  4. From windows Start menu we run the Tigase server (NOT as a service, just the application).

  5. A command prompt opens up and stays running.

And well, .. now what?

We want to try and connect a few XMPP clients to the server, but are not sure how to configure the clients. Is there any instruction or tutorial we are missing?

-Abraham V.

Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago


What do you mean "request for chat"? You can request presence on simply send chat message to other user.

Unfortunately there is now admin web-console yet. You can make changes to server configuration by editing tigase-server/etc/ file and manage Domains and Users using admin ad-hoc commands available via XMPP Client supporting such functionality (Psi for example).


After you run the server then in the console window you would see log output and the server is running listening for connection giving you option to connect.

As for the lack of instruction - during the setup there was a form on which you provided administrator account details (JID and password). You can use this information to connect to the server and, as mentioned above, using administration ad-hoc commands via XMPP client manage the server.

Added by Abraham Varricatt almost 5 years ago


That sounds like a promising lead. We haven't tried using the PSI client and I wasn't aware that there are ad-hoc commands that could be sent to the server.

Some internet searching for "Tigase ad-hoc commands" led me to these;

I assume this command line tool is what we could also use, instead of another XMPP client?

Thanks for the help!

-Abraham V.

Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

Yes, TCLMT can be used to manage the server as well (in fact it's also an xmpp client based on our "jaxmpp2" client library).