About tigase server banned for registration and prohibited from anonymous logins

MarsLuo Mars
Added almost 5 years ago

Dear All

2014-05-05 21:33:01.771 [hostnames] UserRepoRepository.reload() CONFIG: All loaded items: {, enabled: true, anonym: true, register: true, maxusers: 0, tls: false, s2sSecret: null, domainFilter: ALL}

Above anonym: true, register: true need in the init. The properties file to add parameters to ban the user in the client registered and anonymous login, thank you.

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

As described in the --virt-hosts documentation those parameters can be configured in file:,domain2,domain3

Added by MarsLuo Mars almost 5 years ago

Hi Wojciech

Thanks for your reply, through you this set, I successfully closed the anonymous login and user registration, because I contact tigase is not a long time,

Also want to consult the following parameters on behalf of the meaning, thank you