Tigase 5.2 clustering default config

Igor Khomenko
Added over 4 years ago

Hi there,

I'm trying to run Tigase 5.2 in cluster mode.

I found that Tigase 5.2 introduces new config value for

Looks like to create a cluster with Tigase 5.2 we don't need to do an extra work and it should be easy task.

Please confirm these steps:

1) set --user-db-uri on all the nodes to the same value

2) add --cluster-mode=true to

As I understand, the default value for --cl-conn-repo-class is ClConSQLRepository and all the nodes should automatically discover a cluster via database and we don't need anything else

could you please confirm this. Do we need to add anything else?


I checked cluster_nodes table in DB and see only one record, where hostname=localhost*. Looks like 2 nodes have the same *hostname and my cluster isn't working.

How to change hostname ?

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Added by Steffen Larsen over 4 years ago

Its probably taking the wrong name. A quick fix could be to change your /etc/hosts file on each node.

Added by Igor Khomenko over 4 years ago

Yes, thanks,

now it works - we have changed hostnames and now they are different in 2 servers

I like how Tigase 5.2 clusterization works - really simple to setup, only these 3 steps needed