tigase test by tsung ( low performanced )

Amirehsan Sadeghi
Added over 4 years ago

Dear my friends

i want load test a my tigase server by tsung stress test application

after stop test and make graph of tsung loges file

my tigase server performance is lowed

i attached my graph and tsung configuration file

please help me , how i do it ?

my computers is :

MySQL server specified is :

CPU : 4 core xeon


Tigase server specified is :

CPU : 4 core xeon


4 client specified is :

CPU : 4 core XEON


for this test client is clustered

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

I am not familiar with Tsung graphs so I do not understand them well enough to make any sense of it. Please describe to use what kind of tests you wanted to run:

  1. Number of users online

  2. Traffic - messages, presences, iq

  3. Loging/logout rate per second

  4. Anything else you were tested

Then tell us what you expected to get in terms of the performance and then tell us what results did you get instead. Then we will be able to help you.

Added by Amirehsan Sadeghi over 4 years ago

Dear Artur Hefczyc

The graph(Simultaneous Users) of connected users is very low

If the number of users has created enormous

Where could the problem be