BindException when starting the server

Gaurav Gupta
Added over 4 years ago

Hey, i have just installed the tigase server and trying to check its working on Psi/Pidgin client. Psi shows "This server does not support registration". When looking at logs i found BindException being thrown by server, logs look like below:

Ljava.lang.String;@5be0aa14, remote-host=localhost, required=false, port-no=5222} Address already in use

See the attached log file for detailed logs

My file is also attached for settings.

Please suggest me the solution to this problem.

tigase-console.log (7.69 KB) tigase-console.log log file (196 Bytes) properties file for configuration

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

It simply means that you already have running some process that uses this port. Under *nix systems you can use for example netstat or lsof to find out which process is using this port.

Added by Gaurav Gupta over 4 years ago

Thanks that resolves the issue for me...