Jaxmpp BOSH Client: Problem with event listeners

Rk Somasundaram
Added over 4 years ago

(This problem pertains to a Java BOSH client implemented using Jaxmpp. The description of this forum

fit this subject closest - if you think this topic does not belong here, pl let me know).

I have a Java BOSH client based on Jaxmpp. I am trying to register every chat message that is

entered into a Muc room. Towards, this end, the BOSH client does the following:

  1. Establishes a BOSH session to the server

  2. Enters the specified Muc room

  3. Installs the two listeners: MessageModule.MessageReceived and MucModule.MucMessageReceive

                new Listener<MucModule.MucEvent>() {
                      @Override public void handleEvent(MucModule.MucEvent be) throws JaxmppException { ... }                    }

                new Listener<MessageModule.MessageEvent>() {
                    @Override public void handleEvent(MessageEvent be)  throws JaxmppException { ... }

However, when users enter the Muc room and post messages, the listeners are not fired at all.

The MucModule is indeed processing the messages, since the logs - FINEST level - show the message traces.

Has any one successfully installed these listeners? I am using Tigase version 5.2.1.



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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

I think this has been answered in ticket #2336. Please let me know if not.