XMPP Compression

Mark Lamport
Added over 4 years ago


Is there a setting/configuration on XMPP Server to compress XMPP Headers and/or data so data is smaller over XMPP client devices?



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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

In the XMPP protocol there are no headers or anything similar to what we have in HTTP protocol. All the data is actually an XML content and it compress very well. On a typical XMPP connection we get close to 97% compression ratio, that is 97% less data to send over network, at expense of a bit higher CPU consumption and a bit higher battery usage. However, we did not find the CPU and battery usage significantly higher.

Tigase support zlib stream compression and it is available/active by default.

Please note, Tigase also support special mobile optimizations. We now have v3 of the plugin which significantly reduces network traffic between mobile device and the server. Mobile optimizations are also enabled by default.