Is it possible to "Separate authentication database" in Console mode installation?

Hamid Alimohammadi
Added about 4 years ago


I am trying to separate the authentication database in such a way that the authentication db be saved in a remote MySQL server while the rest of tigase database be saved in local MySQL server (the local is the same server that tigase is running).

Actually I have tried the console mode command java -jar tigase-server-7.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b3699.jar -console

The reason for using the console mode is that it will create the tigasedb and takes care of mysql-schema-5.sql automatically. After running the command the local database was created but the creation of database in remote server was unsuccessful.

Does "Separate authentication database" in Console mode installation" only work for local database?

Thank you in advance for help.

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam about 4 years ago

When you select "Separate authentication database" it inclines that you already have authentication database hence it wont be created. When you select this option you can simply provides details of this database. It can be created later on using shell scripts or you could use your custom schema.