Can't connect to Tigase server running on EC2 Instance: Connection Refused

Eric Johan
Added over 3 years ago

After installing Tigase on an AWS EC2 instance I keep getting the error message 'connection refused' when I try to connect to it using an xmpp client.

The instance is attached to a security group with rules to allow traffic to the necessary ports. I've also tried it with rules allowing all traffic to all ports from all sources but I still get the same message.

I've also checked iptables because I noticed some people needed to configure those as well in specific cases, I made sure it allows all connections but still I can't connect to Tigase.

There are no problems with the installation of Tigase and there seem to be no problems starting Tigase up. I do see the following warning in the log: Resolving default host name: took: 22.

I've read that this shouldn't be a problem unless resolving takes very long. Is 22 to long?

There's also another warning: [sess-man tasks] ThreadExceptionHandler.uncaughtException() SEVERE: Uncaught thread: "sess-man tasks" exception.

This doesn't seem related to my problem but could it be?

Other relevant information

  • SSH (port 22) and HTTP (port 80) work fine

  • Enabling ICMP (ping) on all ports works fine

  • I've tried several xmpp clients, same problem

  • I've deleted and recreated instances several times

  • Re-installed Tigase on fresh instances several times with various configuration options

  • Tried using domain name associated with Elastic IP, normal IP and tried public DNS directly.

  • Configured the DNS in the way necessary for Tigase as described here:

I've looked everywhere and have not been able to find anything to fix this. Networking isn't my main area of expertise and I'd really appreciate any advice.

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Added by Eric Johan over 3 years ago

Wow, in case anyone ever runs into the same problem: I was using an Amazon Linux AMI and switching to Ubuntu solved the problem. Apparently the Amazon Linux AMIs don't work that well with Tigase.


Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 3 years ago

Thank you for a followup to your question with a solution.