How to trace step by step tigase-server-7.0.2-b3821.jar commands for educational purposes on linux

Ehsan Mozaffari
Added almost 4 years ago

Hi dear tigase developers

I have had one important question.

Can I trace and chase "tigase-server-7.0.2-b3821.jar --console" commands for learning how to compile Tigase infrastructures?

For example, when the installer create a connection into Mysql database and changing default configurations on Tigase as well as removing the Errors that manual installers maybe encountered on it. it is done I do understand the route of install Tigase manually.

Thanks in advance for answering the question.

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Added by Ehsan Mozaffari almost 4 years ago

Is there any one to pose an answer?

Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam almost 4 years ago

You can execute installer with additional -DTRACE=TRUE parameter, i.e.:

java -DTRACE=TRUE -jar tigase-server-7.0.2-b3821.jar --console

Added by Ehsan Mozaffari almost 4 years ago

Many thanks. ;)