Create admin user after switch to mongodb

Goran Subotic
Added over 3 years ago


I have successfully installed Tigase with mysql and everything worked great.

After I switched to mongodb, I have a new database created in mongodb with default schema, but missing the admin user.

My question is how do I create the admin user in the mongodb?

I'm still new to Tigase. Are there any scripts that can be run from the terminal, that can create admin user?


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Added by Goran Subotic over 3 years ago

Okay. I just want to answer my own question.

There are no classic roles in Tigase.

If you want a user to be admin, just set it in the /[tigase_server_location]/etc/

--admins = username@domain

Now username@domain will be able to e.g. use the Tigase Web UI.