Possibility of sending all unacknowledged broken TCP messages to DB using Stream Management

Hamid Alimohammadi
Added over 3 years ago


We have enabled the Stream Management in a Tigase test server for an in-house developed mobile-client.

I have read the XEP-0198 and a few related topics in the forum like:

As I understood (kindly correct me if I'm mistaken), the XEP-0198 does not specify that the server MUST

resend all unacknowledged stanzas, but SHOULD either send stanzas to offline storage or return an error.

Again from my understanding and tests, Tigase does not send unacknowledged broken-TCP messages to offline storage, but it sends an error and the message will be cleared from memory after a predefined time (which complies to XEP-0198).

My question: Is there any way to force server to send all unacknowledged stanzas to storage even in the worst case scenario like setting mobile in the flight-mode or hardware failure in mobile client?

Thank you in advance for help

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Added by Hamid Alimohammadi over 3 years ago

I would be grateful if anyone could give me a hint for my question in this topic.

Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 3 years ago

As described in the linked topic - it can't be done.