BOSH connection broke when multibyte character in the message body - Websocket connection working well.

István Tóth
Added over 3 years ago


After a lot of investigation, we find that if BOSH long poll connection stanza contain multibyte characters, like ő Ő ű Ű in the message body, the received stanza broke.

Because in the header, the content length different than the actual lenght of stanza. The difference is always equal the count number of multibyte characters in the message. The message isn't appear in the message archive DB table.

On websocket connection everything work well - i can attach screenshots if needed.

Tigase 7.0.2 server

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Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud over 3 years ago

Could you share where the message body breaks as well? Does it break early (x-[multibyte]) or does it terminate at first multibyte character?

Also, is the character encoding set properly for the messages like UTF-8?

Finally, are you receiving any error stanzas from the server or are they dropped inside the BOSH connection before Tigase gets them?