got IllegalArgumentException while start xmpp server

jason liu
Added over 3 years ago

hi guys,

when i start xmpp server under jdk1.8, i got exception described as attached file, do you have any ideas to solve it?

thakns a lot

jason liu

1.png (33.6 KB) 1.png IllegalArgumentException

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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam over 3 years ago

Looking at this error I suppose it is caused by fact that instance of LinkedBlockingQueue is initialized with 0 passed as value. This may happen in one of two cases:

  • you configured max-queue-size value for some component which is set to 0

  • your configuration of maximum memory size to use for Tigase XMPP Server is to low, which would cause to this issue as Tigase XMPP Server uses maximum memory size to calculate size of queues.

Could you provide etc/ file and -Xmx setting you use to start Tigase XMPP Server? (@-Xmx@ by default is located in etc/tigase.conf file)

Also could you provide number of CPUs your server is using?

Added by jason liu over 3 years ago

hi Andrzej,

Thanks for your feedback, which is actually caused by -Xmx, i changed JAVA_OPTIONS in etc/tigase.conf and fixed it. many thanks agian.

jason liu