Installed Tigase server unable to open connection

Sassine Jaoude
Added about 3 years ago


We have just completed the installation of the server on a azure VM machine (windows OS, MySQL DB).

We are trying to connect to the server using an xmpp client (using the admin default user created at the server setup time).

If the connection client is local (sitting on the VM machine) everything seems OK.

When we try remotely to connect we get the exchange below.

We know that somehow we are hitting the server, however we get unknown host.

We have so far opened the ports 5222, 5223 and 8080 for this VM machine.

Are we missing anything else ?


Send -

Receive -

Receive -


Send - /stream:stream

Receive - /stream:stream



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Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud about 3 years ago

If you are connecting from inside a network, you will need to specify the local IP in clients in order to connect to an installation of Tigase. Connections will attempt to be made to server name ( and look for SRV records, if none are present error will result. Keep in mind this traffic will leave the local network and bounce back to first available IP which may not be the host in question. Sometimes, even if SRV records are set, port forwarding may not operate correctly as some routers will detect self-referring traffic and route traffic to original IP.

Added by Sassine Jaoude about 3 years ago


Thank you for your reply.

We are not sure we understand.

The same client connects succesfully to without specifying any client IP - so would the issue be on the client side ?

When you say we need to need to specify the local IP in clients, you mean to include, you mean the stream to the server should include the client IP ?

How would the stream look like then ?

Currently it looks like this

<stream:stream xmlns:stream="" xmlns="jabber:client" to="" version="1.0" >


Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud about 3 years ago

The stream itself will not look different and as far as the XML stream, it will be identical if you are connecting locally or remote.

Can you share some more details? What clients are you using from which locations?