Can't get TLS working on HTTP API

Henrik Schack
Added over 2 years ago


I'm trying to activate SSL/TLS on the HTTP API, but without any luck

Running Tigase 7.0.4

Here is the relevant part of my file:






What am I doing wrong ?


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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam over 2 years ago

Tigase XMPP Server 7.0.4 ships and uses Tigase HTTP API in version 1.1.0. Support for configuration of SSL/TLS was added in Tigase HTTP API 1.2.0 and is not yet released as stable version.

This new version of Tigase HTTP API requires new version of Tigase XMPP Server (at least version 7.1.0, which should be released soon - for now only snapshot builds are available).

As for configuration it is wrong for version 1.1.0 as uses unsupported features, but it is also wrong for version 1.2.0 of HTTP API. It should look like this:


First http in line is name of component and second http in line is part of property for this component. Also your needed to add 8081 to list of ports on which HTTP server should listen.

In this configuration we have plaintext http server on port 8080 and HTTPS server on port 8081.

Added by Henrik Schack over 2 years ago

OK, thanks a lot for clarifying.

I'll wait for Tigase HTTP API 1.2.0 :-)