Cannot connect to Tigase Admin panel?

davoud badamchi
Added over 2 years ago

Server parameters that I have set are:

Jabber domain name: >> this is public DNS

Admin Password: tigase

After installation, I can get access to admin panel by URL: http://localhost:8080/ui/ , but unfortunately I can't login with username and password that I have created during installation process. This makes me really crazy, please help.

Point is that, I can login to the server with android client with above username and pass, also when I delete and reinstall tigase and set the domain to ip address of computer in internal network it's working, but when I use DNS I everything looks good but cannot login to admin environment with username and password.

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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam over 2 years ago

Is domain resolved by DNS to your server running Tigase XMPP Server? I suppose it is not.

In this case please expand Advanced section on login page and pass BOSH URL, it should work with ws://localhost:5290/ and with bosh://localhost:5280/ in your case.

Also make sure you put while JID as a XMPP ID, not just localpart of a JID. (use as XMPP ID).

Added by davoud badamchi over 2 years ago

Thanks for your answer, absolutely I can access and see admin's login page, also I use bare JID for username like what you mentioned. The thing is, I didn't know what is really bosh textbox is and I am going to test that. Again Thanks.

Added by davoud badamchi over 2 years ago

My problem solved when I said the network admin to open 5290 and 5280 ports over public IP, I didn't use any of those bosh URLs and I don't know what actually they are. Do we have a list of required ports for a Tigase server.

Thanks a million.

Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 2 years ago

Tigase uses mostly default XMPP ports. Here's a list of the defaults:

  • 5222, 5223 - default XMPP socket ports

  • 5280 - BOSH connections

  • 5290 - WebSocket connections

  • 5269 - s2s/federation port

  • 5277 - cluster connections

  • 9050 - JMX port