SSL issue while connecting to Tigase XMPP Server through client

raviteja c
Added almost 2 years ago


I have installed and configured Tigase Server on our own server. It is configured correctly. But when I login to credentials through android client I am getting SSL Trust Certificate path file not found and not able to connect. Can you Please help me out this issue.

Here is the screenshot attached what i am getting it. In web, it is logged in but through client not connection error (i.e) trust certficate path file not found.



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Added by Bartosz Małkowski TigaseTeam almost 2 years ago

It seems your server has certificate signed by CA what is not included into VM trusted certs.

You have to write own implementation of and put it into jaxmpp:

TrustManager[] managers = …
jaxmpp.getSessionObject().setUserProperty(Connector.TRUST_MANAGERS_KEY, managers);