"Impossible happened..." log in tigase.log

Trung Huynh
Added almost 2 years ago

Hi there!

I got many messages like this in tigase.log

2017-04-26 07:34:02.563 [in_14-sess-man] SessionManager.processPacket() INFO: Impossible happened, please report to developer packet:,, DATA=Service not available., SIZE=318, XMLNS=null, PRIORITY=NORMAL, PERMISSION=NONE, TYPE=error, connection: XMPPResourceConnection=[, packets=22654, connectioId=null,, authState=NOT_AUTHORIZED, isAnon=false, isTmp=false].

Would you please take a look into this issue?

Since this is info message, not sure if it would impact to any messaging feature, can you advise?



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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam almost 2 years ago

Can you share more details what happend that triggered this? Can you extract a distinct use-case?


Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam almost 2 years ago

I think the most important is actually more details about the installation, as it might be difficult or impossible to know what caused this issue. Trung, could you please provide us with the following information:

  1. Exact version of the Tigase XMPP Server you are running (ideally build number)

  2. Is it a clustered or non-clustered installation

  3. It would be also very helpful to see Tigase configuration from this system, I understand you may not be able to show us everything but if there is anything you can show us, it would be a big help

By the way, you do not have to worry about this. It does not impact your system, or any of your messaging features.

This happened because you probably configured Tigase to send XMPP pings from the server to clients connected to discover lost connections. Apparently the client side software does not understand the XMPP ping request and responds with an error. Somehow, the Tigase server cannot handle the error correctly and prints this log records. Most likely, the user has disconnected in the meantime, before the server started to process the error stanza.

This can happen in 2 situations:

  1. You have a significant load and such error stanzas are lower priority packets so they wait in a queue, while other packets are being processed, for example information about client disconnected can take over other lower priority packets

  2. Maybe, the client after receiving XMPP ping which it does not understand, sends an error back to the server and then disconnected immediately after that. This is very likely scenario if your system is under low traffic when the log record was written

So, you should actually check if your client side software understands the XMPP ping, if not and it disconnects after receiving the ping, it may cause connectivity problems for your users and you should disable the XMPP ping on your server installation until it is supported by your clients.