Can't load schema: Invalid default value for 'last_login'

Ivan Zhang
Added over 1 year ago

I am installing tigase on ubuntu 16.04 and there is something wrong:

Checking connection to the database

Connection OK

Checking if the database exists

Doesn't exist, creating... OK

Checking the database schema

Can't load schema: Invalid default value for 'last_login'

Checking whether the database needs conversion

Something wrong, the schema still is not loaded...

Adding XMPP admin accounts

Database schema is invalid

Loading socks5 component schema

Loading socks5 schema... completed OK

Loading PubSub component schema

Loading PubSub schema... completed OK

Post installation actions

Database schema is invalid

I use Mysql 5.7, ubuntu 16.04 and tigase 7.1. When I install the same tigase7.1 on windows10 with mysql5.6, everything is OK.

After comparing the database on ubuntu and windows, I found out that tiasedb on ubuntu missed several tables such as tig_users, user_jid and so on.

I've tried using console installer and web installer on ubuntu but both resulted in the failures "Can't load schema: Invalid default value for 'last_login'"

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 1 year ago

This is a known issue (#4878) and was fixed in version 7.1.1 (currently in nightly builds - you can get it from