some questions about sql table between 'tig_pairs' and 'msg_history'

flame fire
Added over 1 year ago

i know 'msg_history' used for storing offline messages,and i found some records as pkey='messages' in 'tig_pairs' to look like offline messages.

so what diff with two tables?

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Added by flame fire over 1 year ago

I can find the same two messages in these two tables.

what their uses?

Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam over 1 year ago

Both tables may be used for offline storage by Tigase XMPP Server depending on its configuration. Judging from the fact that you have messages stored in both tables I suppose that you have configured it to store messages to both tables, this may be a result of enabling OfflineMessages (@msgoffline@) and MessageAmp (@amp@). In this case, you should consider storage of offline messages using MessageAmp (as this is a newer solution than @OfflineMessages@) and disabling @OfflineMessages@) as the same functionality will be provided by @MessageAmp@.

I'm suggesting this solution as MessageAmp uses msg_history table which is better suited for offline messages storage which will give you better performance.