Broken links in 8.0.0 administration guide

alin damian
Added 11 months ago

Hello guys,

I've tried to install tigase v8.0.0 using the administration guide but it seems that neither the web install links nor the manual install links are working anymore. I accessed them on 25 January when it worked properly.

If the storage location has been moved, would you be so kind to provide the new location and/or update the administration guide?

Kind regards,

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam 11 months ago

Hi, we are doing a migration. Could you share exact links that are not working for you?

Added by alin damian 11 months ago


I was trying to download the web installer version as said in administration guide

$ wget
$ tar -xf tigase-server-8.0.0-dist-max.tar.gz
$ cd tigase-server-8.0.0

I get response timeout from wget command. Also, the link leading to the nightly builds lead to a response timeout.

Sorry for my delayed response,

Added by W Administrator 11 months ago

Thank you, I've updated DNS record and the guides.