ssend, srecv, monitor components

kellogs .
Added over 5 years ago


what do they all do ?

They seem not to be used in our test cases so I was going to disable them.

about ssend and srecv i have no idea. But disabling the monitor component had no immediately observable effects. I could still get server stats through both PSI and at server shutdown. So... what do these three components all do ?


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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 5 years ago

ssend, srecv are relics of the past when there was no PubSub spec. I had a need for stuff like PubSub and implemented these 2 components which made it possible and easier to integrate Tigase with other systems, send push notifications, etc.... They will be removed sooner or later. As soon as we have some of their functionality implemented/moved to other places of the Tigase code.

On the other hand, Monitor is thing from the future. We started working on a component which would give Tigase self-monitoring, self-diagnosing capabilities. It does not do anything just yet but in the future it will be an important element.