Need Information regarding the Tigase XMPP Libraries that whether its supports S2S integration/communication

Ravish Aggarwal
Added almost 4 years ago

Hi All,

I have few queries related to XMPP stuff.

I am using doing POC using JAVA to support ifferent XMPP UC systems ( like to do streaming process and exchanging presence and message ) like my sofware will act as a router between two different actual UC systems and provdies S2S xmpp communication between two.

however my query is:

Could Tigase xmmpp library

1) Does this Tigase library support the latest XMPP RFC 6120 and 6121 ?

2) Does your site provides any vulnerability/security alerts support the same ?

3) Does available Tigase library is FIPS compliant ?

Could you please help in providing the detail of Tigase xmpp library that probably could provide XMPP s2s support.

Requesting you to please help in providing the information for the above queries. and if you need more detail then please call me or send response on my mail id.

Quick response will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


Ravish Aggarwal


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