Need API key for PubSub REST API

Peter Rajcani
Added over 4 years ago

I am trying to use the PubSub REST API but I ran into the following issue when creating a pubsub node:

POST http://localhost:8080/rest/pubsub/pubsub@Peters-MacBook-Pro.local/create-node

Accept: application/xml

Content-Type: text/xml

Username: admin@Peters-MacBook-Pro.local




-- response --

403 Forbidden

Content-Length: 102

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 22:31:55 GMT

To access URI = '/rest/pubsub/pubsub@Peters-MacBook-Pro.local/create-node' a valid api key is required

I am running the latest Tigase server build - 7.0.0 with the following configuration:

--comp-class-1 = tigase.muc.MUCComponent

--virt-hosts = Peters-MacBook-Pro.local

--user-db-uri = jdbc:derby:/Applications/Tigase-7.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b3723/tigasedb

--user-db = derby

--admins = admin@Peters-MacBook-Pro.local

--comp-name-4 = message-archive

--comp-name-3 = proxy

config-type = --gen-config-def

--comp-name-2 = pubsub

--comp-name-1 = muc

--cluster-mode = true

--sm-plugins = +message-archive-xep-0136

--debug = server

--comp-class-4 = tigase.archive.MessageArchiveComponent

--comp-class-3 = tigase.socks5.Socks5ProxyComponent

--comp-class-2 = tigase.pubsub.PubSubComponent



Where can I obtain the API keys?

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Added by Peter Rajcani over 4 years ago

By searching the forums we found the API key for open access and added it to our config file so this issue can be closed.