error - could not initialize bean

vahid karami
Added over 2 years ago


I'm trying to setup http-api with tigase server 7.2. I build http-api and put it tigase jar folder (with it's dependencies of course). I put a simple httpServer and http config into

when I start tigase-server I get this errors for beans: server, admin, index, rest , ...

Kernel.injectDependencies(): could not initialize bean {beanName}

Can't export bean {beanName} as there is no such bean

Where was I wrong? how can I fix this? is there a simple and sample configuration for startup?

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 2 years ago

What exactly are you building? For the Tigase version 7.2.0 you should use (if available) branch @origin/master@.

Added by vahid karami over 2 years ago

problems got solved. problem is jetty dependencies that are locate in Files page. those files are old and http-api needs newer jetty versions