tigase http api

snehil gehlot
Added 7 months ago

how can i call tigase http api from iOS side. I have make clone from github. but i have no any idea how can i check all api from my side.

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Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud 7 months ago

There are a few ways you can access the server using the HTTP API. You can call custom scripts, or run commands through REST API. Can you elaborate on what you plan to do with the API from iOS?

Added by snehil gehlot 7 months ago

we have setup over own server (use mango db) with tigase and as well as setup ios code from git clone so now i want to check apis from my ios code but i don't have any idea about apis that which api we have use and how we can check it. please help us.

Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam 6 months ago

Tigase Swift library use XMPP protocol to communicate with the server and not HTTP.

Of course you can also interact with the server via HTTP APIs but you don't need tigase-swift to do it. Moreover - all APIs are self-documented when you navigate to http://:8080/ and navigate to REST section.