Can i activate Message Archiving without sending stanza from each user to server?

Dmitry Anatolievich
Added over 4 years ago

Hello, everyone.

I activated the Message Archiving at the file:




Tables tig_ma_jids and tig_ma_msgs were created automatically.

But at begin, when i sent messages between users, i had no records here. The tables were empty.

I found this topic:

I understood from it, that to start store the messages at these tables, i should send the stanza, that enables archiving, from each user to the server.

But it doesn't quite fit for me.

Can i do activation another way?

I add users manually, directly to database. Can i do activation automatically, for all users, directly at the database (without sending the stanza from each user to server)?

May be i can set some setting at the config file of server?

Btw, i noticed, when i send stanza from client to server:

  1. at the tig_nodes table are added records, like

nid parent_nid uid node

18753 18287 18560 message-archive

18754 18753 18560 settings

  1. at the tig_pairs is added record, like

nid uid pkey pval

18754 18560 auto true

But when i tried to add the similar records for another user manually, directly into tables, it didn't work, user's messages didn't appear at the tables.

I need your help.

Thx and best regards.

*Also, I have a general question: i need to extract the conversation log from server for user.

I researched and found only Message Archiving, as solution.

Am i on the right way? Or, may be, you can suggest another solutions for my task?*

Thx a lot.

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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam over 4 years ago


The idea with creating entries in database for each user is not bad and it should work, if you would recreate entries in database that will correspond to what server is inserting in database. Also please keep in mind that inserting to database will work only, if user is not connected. If user would be connected then it will take effect after user reconnection.

If you want to store messages for all users and you are running Message Archiving version 1.0.1, you may try to use one of configuration options described at Configuration page in Additional options section as they allow you to force storing of messages sent between users.