MUC messages not stored correctly

Vinoth Rajendran
Added over 3 years ago

We are using Tigase-7.1.0-SNAPSHOT-b3922.

Could anyone explain that the mechanism of MUC( XEP-0045) message archiving for offline message.

The scenario I have faced, I have joined into room and fetch the history with "maxstanza" 1.

For fetching the entire MUC messages I have used XEP-0136

Its works fine for on the fly messages(meant all the members are online).

If one of the member is in offline, then the messages sent in the mean while of the member comes to online couldn't fetch by XEP-0136.

I could get only last message which sent the user before joining into the group.

How could get all the offline messages?

FYI, I have attached file. (1.2 KB)

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Added by Vinoth Rajendran over 3 years ago

Any Update on this?


Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 3 years ago

MUC by design works only with online users. If a user goes offline he is automatically removed from the MUC room.