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Alex Kobzar
Added about 2 years ago


I have some questions about STUN component:

  1. I don't find any information about stun in tigase PropertiesGuide or AdministrationGuide manuals. It's true?

  2. On the main page i found this:

"Tigase offers a STUN server which is Tigase XMPP Server component. It can work as an integrated part of the XMPP server or it can be deployed as a separate, standalone STUN server."

This is a good news. But how i can start STUN service in separate, standalone? (don't find any info)

  1. I found only one page info about stun settings:

But what about auth methods configure, consumption of resources, e.t.c ?

Thanks for the answers.

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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam about 2 years ago


  1. There may be no infomation about STUN component in documentations for Tigase XMPP Server because it is optional component and we are working on separate documentations for every component, but it is available at STUN component wiki page, see

  2. You need to configure STUN component in external mode. Running component in external mode is described in Tigase XMPP Server documentation.

  3. Our implementation of STUN supports plain STUN protocol which is used only for external IP discovery. Due to that it uses only small amount of resources and there is not point to authenticated user or configure anything else as it would only add bigger overhead than just processing STUN request.

From your last question (about authentication and resource usage) I think you may be looking for TURN server which forwards data between two clients behind NATs.