Why transfer files without saving information to the table ?

Moffitt tig
Added over 2 years ago

hi! team have been added:





The tig_socks5_users Settings as shown in figure

1.For domain sha1_user_id refers to which ?

  1. After uploading files, tig_socks5_connections no information , why ?

thank you in advance!

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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam over 2 years ago

Which XMPP client do you use for file transfer?

Some clients (I think that most of them) are capable of negotiate direct Socks5 connection between 2 clients if they can connect directly using TCP. In this case traffic is not going thru Socks5 proxy and nothing is logged in tig_socks5_connections table.

Added by Moffitt tig over 2 years ago

thanks Andrzej Wójcik .

Use psi client .

1.User A and B is the contact each other, and login online

2.A Send the file to B, and made transfer files for A database Settings,Tig_socks5_connections table did not save the record ?

thank you in advance!

Added by Daniel Wisnewski IoT 1 Cloud over 2 years ago

Try this:

Right-click on the account and go to Modify Account...

Then check Connection Tab, and under connection Proxy, Click Edit...

Select Socks 5 for type and enter the socks5 proxy information, make sure it is selected when saving and exiting. Disconnect and reconnect to server with both accounts and try that. This should force Socks5 connection.

Added by Moffitt tig over 2 years ago!

Psi configuration after the user connection error

Why did psi socks5 agent, can't connect the tigase ?

The following pictures