Extremely difficult to build an Android application using Tigase

Shobhit Dutia
Added over 3 years ago

I am trying to build an Android app and have set up a Tigase server on an EC2 instance.

To build the app, I am going through the source code of Tigase Android application.

It is extremely difficult to understand the code to simply register an account with the server as there is no documentation at all for developers.

In my previous post, where I asked about the error "invalid username or password", one of your developers simply mentioned to register an account via web.

This is not what I need as an answer as I am developing an Android application!

What is the fastest way to understand how Tigase works?

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 3 years ago

Hi, the developer who suggested you to use our website to register an account, probably misunderstood what your primary problem is. He thought that you have a problem with using the Tigase server.

For code examples I suggest you look at the client library wiki page You can find there sample code for basic operation which should help you get started with the library and your android code.

Also, the JavaDoc documentation for the Android client might be helpful to you: