The project.

Suso Comesaña
Added about 5 years ago


Before at all, congratulate them by his big work, no only the customer of android, the server...Etc..

The question is the following...Which is the line of time of the project?, each what publish versions of proof?, there is some aim programmed?.

I, represent to a group of users of the service xmpp.en pc, the subject is resolved, but in android, do not find still a customer that satisfy our needs. What but miss, is a good gestion of rooms, diffusion in group. We have not found a simple customer that resolve this need without big complications (notification of messages incoming, recovery of the historial, and remain connected). Tigase Has seemed us a simple customer and with good future, although has some failure in this sense . (We offer us to be beta testing )

It is very very organised the place of work.

Thank you By his time

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam about 5 years ago

Could you please ask some friend to help you with English translation? Apparently automated translation does not work well. We cannot make much sense of your request. I am very sorry, we cannot help you this time.

Added by Suso Comesaña about 5 years ago

sorry, my english is bad and my translator, worse ...

Added by Suso Comesaña about 5 years ago

I just wanted to clarify, which is the rhythm of work, when they publish the testing versions, if there is a planned calendar, if they accept proposed to improve the application..Etc