Mobile Optimizations on prosody xmpp server

D. C.
Added over 4 years ago


I want to set up my prosody xmpp server to support Tigase MobileMessenger's mobile optimizations with no success.

Which XEPs must be supported by the server to support your "mobile optimisations"? Or are these

optimisations proprietary to the tigase xmpp server?

My server supports xep-0198 stream management and xep-0280 message carbons,

but Tigase MobileMessenger says that mobile optimizations are not supported by the server.

Is there a way to support them with prosody?

That would be cool because Tigase MM is the only android client which supports

xep-0198, xep-0280 and xep-0184.

Thanks for your help,


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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

Mobile optimizations are our custom code developed based on our experience with mobile devices. As far as I know they are only supported in our Tigase XMPP Server and the Android client and in a few mobile clients our customers developed.

These optimizations are open source code so it is possible to port the code to Prosody server. However, maybe you could consider to switch to the Tigase server instead?

Added by D. C. over 4 years ago

Well, if the custom tigase code becomes part of the XMPP standard I would think about it :-)

I have to admit I don't have that much experiences with mobile XMPP and my server is intended for a

small group of people but I think it would have been better to support XMPP standards to archieve a

satisfying mobile xmpp experience, although I know the current sitation with the xmpp standards is

not perfect.

Thank you for your help anyway.


Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

The are no standards or XMPP extensions that I know of for mobile devices optimization. Usually stuff works that way, that somebody who needs it created a new custom extension. Once this settles in and is verified to be working OK, it is turned to a "standard" or official XMPP extension.