Tigase msgoffline plugins

Kenneth Chan
Added about 5 years ago


We are currently using Tigase 5.2.0 with msgoffline plugin.

--sm-plugins = +msgoffline

We tested with one strange behavior from our XMPP mobile client that, the offline message seems not to send to the offline client when it becomes online again (not always! may be 1/20 cases), here is the case,

A send message to B, with A and B is online

B can receive the message

B becomes offline

A send message to B, the message is stored into the offline queue in Mysql Database

B becomes online again

B cannot receive any offline message

When check from DB, the message is gone and it seems to be sent to B

I would suspect this case is only when there is under bad network condition? If yes, may I know if it is really on this case, can we do any delivery reliability or how to improve? If no, how to improve such case?





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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam about 5 years ago

Could you provide server logs from the time when the issue manifests (preferably with the debugging turned on for net and io tigase packages as well)?

From your description it looks like it is caused by the network problems, however in such cases user who did not receive message should be disconnected subsequently and the communication shouldn't work altogether. Using XEP-0198 - stream management, should improve reliability.

Added by Kenneth Chan about 5 years ago

It is hard for me to duplicate this issue but I will try.

Actually, we have implemented XEP-0198 in our mobile client, but I guess, it would be the network issue from the time of XMPP login success and XEP-0198 enable success from client.