question about new plugin

Raylin lin
Added about 5 years ago


    I need to store the user's lastest conversation message, and i want to develop a new plugin instead of modifying the server code. my question is: Do i need to rename my new plugin(which XMLNS,of course value must be jabber:client) as "jabber:client" which will need to be added in init.properites. thank you.

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Added by Raylin lin about 5 years ago

well, maybe ID can be modified to my new name while XMLNS need to be "jabber:client".

Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam about 5 years ago

As you can read in "Wrigitn plugin code" guide the name of the file, the plugin ID and the supported namespace are separate things and can be all different. For the purpose of enabling your plugin in init.propeties string return by id() method is used. Filename/classname can be different but for the easines it's simpler to have name matching ID.