Is Private XML Storage cached?

Steffen Larsen
Added almost 5 years ago


I am using XEP-0049 ( for private XML storage. It works quite fine and I can see that it is stored in the database (tig_pairs), but is it also cached somehow on the server(s)?

I know that if tigase is running in cluster mode, it might be problematic for distributing the cache (hash map), so its probably not cached.


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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

XML storage is not cached on the server. There is no need for caching as it is rarely accessed in most common use cases. Lots of other stuff is cached even in a cluster mode but a cluster mode implemented in Tigase does not require distributed caching.

Added by Steffen Larsen almost 5 years ago

Oh ok Artur. Well I really need it to be fast in reading.

So instead i've implemented my own component that resembles the xep-0049, but just persist it in couchbase (a json document). In that way I get a fast storage, which is also cached.

Because I also needed special permissions pr. doc. As I read sep-0049, it only allows the one JID that have persisted it to read and re-write it. I need a admin to be able to read all the docs. Also even though your implementation of sep-0049 allows me to persist anything (like json docs), its actually mentioned in the XEP that only valid XML is ok for storing.

Maybe I should write a small new XEP? that could allow the server to persist a document with different permissions and different states (if it should be cached or not, server side)??

-Cheers and have a nice easter!