How to retrieving history of messages as soon as the user login from a XMPP client to Tigase Server?

Khaleel Shaik
Added almost 5 years ago


I have installed Tigase Server 5.2 successfully on my local system. I could connect with Pidgin client tool successfully.

I have configured my local MySQL database for user base and messages archiving. When the users are chatting all the messages are getting stored (say muc_history table).

Now I want to know if there is any component that gives me the history of messages to the logged in user in the incremental basis. If one is not available I am happy to write one and contribute to Tigase. Please help me on this. Is there any BOSH implementation is required for this?

Is there any BOSH setup and a web client (WAR application) available anywhere. I am not getting any pointers to start one, any help is really appreciable.



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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

XEP-0136 gives you history of all user's chats and on the client side you should be able to load that history in incremental basis. I am not sure if I understand what you want to accomplish bit message carbons also give you some interesting functions which might be useful for you. Both are supported by Tigase. is available for you to use as a web XMPP client.

Added by Khaleel Shaik almost 5 years ago

I am looking for XEP-0136. I added the plugin in file and the messages are getting stored in the database.

The history of messages are not getting loaded into the client side. ( I am using Pidgin tool on local system client and server everything). I believe I can write a Web client to interact over BOSH to XMPP server. However I really didn't understand where to start and how to start writing a BOSH client.

Is there any tutorial/examples that gives the insight to work with Tigase HTTP API?




Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

First of all Bosh and HTTP API are 2 completely different things. HTTP API is for REST calls, most used as admin interface. Bosh is for web clients connections.

I suggest you start with out JaXMPP library (in GWT technology). The wiki page contains some documentation and code examples. Should be good enough for start.

We also have an open source web client which you can use as a code example. It was written using earlier version of the library so it may not work with the current version but might be useful to look how it works.