Message are not saved in a pair in tig_ma_mgs table

Matthew M
Added almost 5 years ago

It looks like each 1on1 message is written twice in the tig_ma_msgs table, when message archive is enabled. One for the sender, one for the receiver.

So in theory, each message MUST appear twice in that table, with direction equals 1 and 0. We've disabled the "offline" message storage, and let the client

fetch the messages from history archive only.

However, we found there are a few (not many) messages are saved only once in the tig_ma_msgs table (for the sender), and never saved for the receiver. This cause a serious issue, as the receiver will never see that message by pulling the history.

We don't know how to reproduce this yet, would you give us some hint or suggestions, that how we should look into it and debug this? For example, what's the "process" involved between the 2 save operations for the sender and receiver, and what can possibly happen in between to cause the 2nd save operation is broken?


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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

Storring to message archive for the receiver is triggered when a message is being delivered to online user only. If the user is not online, then the message is not stored in message archive. So without offline message storage it will not work as you want.