Unnamed Threads in Tigase JVM

Matthew M
Added almost 5 years ago

I am inspecting the JVM by jconsole, and I found there are a lot of threads running, many of them are with some meaningful names, such as "ws" etc.

However, I found many other threads are with generic names such as "Thread-256", "Thread-432", and there are hundreds of them. I wonder if Tigase creates any threads with those generic names?

(We wrote some plugins such as authenticating with remote LDAP servers... and would like to make sure what are those threads for, as there are a big amount of those threads).



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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

To be honest I am not aware of any part of the Tigase which uses this generic names. The only place where we use not fully meaningful names is in the packages where we have threads pools for reading/writing data to network sockets. But these threads are named: like this pool-13-thread-19.

And there should definitely not be hundreds of threads. We reuse threads whenever possible and pools are usually scaled based on number of CPUs.

Please retrieve Tigase stats. You should see number of threads created for each component.