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nurnabi siddique
Added over 5 years ago

Dear ALL,

   i want to retrieve online status of a user. in session manager protected boolean processCommand(Packet pc) { } can implement various type of command.  for USER_STATUS command ,i want to generate the packet manually. so what will be the message structure? any packet example? 

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Added by nurnabi siddique over 5 years ago

public void handleLogin(BareJID userId, XMPPResourceConnection conn) { ..} using this function i can prepare list of current online user. but i did not any function which can give log out info of a user. if i find the function then i can develop my own online user list management queue.


Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 5 years ago

My suggestion is to look at the scripting API and ad-hoc commands. This might be just what you need and there might be commands implemented already which retrieve user's status. I think there should be a command for a list of online users. If these commands are not giving you exactly what you need, at least these are good code examples how to create own commands.