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Steffen Larsen
Added over 4 years ago

Hi guys,

I have created a groovy script that can send messages through the REST interface. This works fine. I have now added AMP into my script, and it seems to create the message stanza correctly and it seems to be fine according to the XEP-0082 (

<message type="chat" xmlns="jabber:client" to="slarsen@xxx" from="sess-man@xxx"><body>hello AMP world</body><amp xmlns=""><rule condition="expire-at" action="drop" value="2014-07-21T02:56:15Z"/></amp></message>

How ever my logs seems to say that I am doing a faulty Date/time:

2014-07-09 10:17:34.755 [in_0-amp]         ExpireAt.match()                   INFO:     Incorrect expire-at condition value for rule: <rule condition="expire-at" action="drop" value="2014-07-21T02:56:15Z"/>
2014-07-09 10:17:34.755 [in_0-amp]         AmpComponent.matchCondition()      FINEST:   Matched condition: expire-at, result: false
2014-07-09 10:17:34.755 [in_0-amp]         AmpComponent.processPacket()       FINEST:   Executing default action: deliver

I've also tried the dates that was given as an example in the AMP XEP, and they did not work as well. So what is the given format?

I am running Tigase 5.2.1. And have not set any parameters on the --sm-plugins . So If I want to have both AMP and offline messages to work, do I have to put some plugins to the sess-man? According to what I can see, the default behaviour is AMP (can also see it in the log).


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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

The value looks ok (and works for me). Did you modified AMP component in any way?

This was fixed a while back but it may not be a part of 5.2.1.

As for the offline messages - those are handled by AMP as well so no need to enable additional plugins in sess-man.

Added by Steffen Larsen over 4 years ago

Hi Wojciech!,

Thanks for your quick answer.

When is 5.2.2 or 5.3.0 out?? .. Because right now I have streamlined my customer environment to handle all the stable releases of tigase.

So it's not that easy for me to just push out a git-revision version.


Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

There is no due date for 5.2.2 and 5.3.0 is planned in about 4 months (v. roadmap)

Added by Steffen Larsen over 4 years ago

Super, thanks for your answer W.

I'll do a patch of our given version then.