Communicate with another app server

Fei Luo
Added almost 5 years ago

My English is not very good,but rearlly need help.Please.

I have a IM system already, which use third party push service.Client call http api like "http://domain/sendmsg?uid=A&touid=B&content=asdb", then app server runs in resin call third party api to push the message to user B.

Now I want to build my own push service based on tigase,and to compatible with older clients ,I need to user app server to send message to tigase server.

What should I do?

I found s2sConnectionManager seems usable, but don't know how to connect to it.Is there a sample or some docs?

Any response is welcome.

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam almost 5 years ago

I think the simplest way to do it, would be to use Tigase's REST API to send messages to the Tigase server. s2s is possible but most likely it would require much more work on the application server to implement s2s protocol.

Added by Fei Luo almost 5 years ago

I have solved it in another way.Considering the s2s protocol is a kind of complicate.I use rabbit mq to transfer data,then write a new task to transfer data to packet and send the packet to message router.It works!

Thank you all the same.