How to delete MUC room cleanly

Matthew M
Added over 4 years ago

It seems that when a room is deleted, a "parent" node of the room is delete in tig_nodes table, but all the "child" nodes, such as room member pairs are not deleted with this room, and still left in DB.

I am wondering if these orphan pairs are left intentionally other reasons? I ran into this issue when I am trying to write a customized query to find all rooms that a user is a member of (see, where the room is deleted, but the "membership" pairs are still in DB.

Not sure if the issue is this method

private void deleteSubnode(DataRepository repo, long nid) throws SQLException {

    Statement stmt = null;

    ResultSet rs   = null;

    String query   = null;

    try {

        if (repo == null) {

            stmt = data_repo.createStatement(null);

        } else {

            stmt = repo.createStatement(null);


        query = "delete from " + DEF_PAIRS_TBL + " where nid = " + nid;


        query = "delete from " + DEF_NODES_TBL + " where nid = " + nid;


    } finally {

        data_repo.release(stmt, rs);



Where the query of

"delete from " + DEF_PAIRS_TBL + " where nid = " + nid;

does not really delete all the sub nodes...

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

I do not think this is intentional, I have created a ticket for the issue: #2149 and you are on the ticket watchers list so you will be notified about any update.