tigase Clustering on 5.2 with custom DBs

Donovan Sydow
Added over 4 years ago

Currently we've implemented our own auth-db component, and looking at doing the same for the user-db component, since our user model already creates JIDs for each of users.

If I am using a custom user db (new class, not rdbms), and a custom auth db, and the clustering components in 5.2 is now automagically configured out of the some central db (assuming user), can I either statically define the cluster configuration somehow via, or do I have to build this into the new custom user-db component?

I'm having a hard time finding documentation on how the new clustering works, so any help pointing me at the updated documentation would be very appreciated.

Should I consider downgrading to an old version where I can statically assign my tigase nodes and cluster instead?

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

The same, old way for static configuration for cluster nodes still work in the new version:

You just need to provide passwords for cluster nodes authentication and make sure cluster nodes hostnames are correct in the config file.