Impossible happened

Robert Larsen
Added over 4 years ago


I got these in the log:

2014-10-13 07:54:56.966 [in_43-sess-man]   SessionManager.processPacket()     INFO:     Impossible happened, please report to developer packet: from=null,, DATA=<iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="EeW" to="" type="get" from=""><ping xmlns="urn:xmpp:ping"/></iq>, SIZE=117, XMLNS=jabber:client, PRIORITY=NORMAL, PERMISSION=NONE, TYPE=get, connection: XMPPResourceConnection=[, packets=1, connectioId=null,, authState=NOT_AUTHORIZED, isAnon=false, isTmp=false].

Everything seems to work thou.

'' is a XEP-0114 based component and it sends XMPP ping packets every ten seconds. Each time a line like the above is logged.

Is that a bug?

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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

Do you get a response from the server to your ping requests?

I think this happens, because SM receives packets for which there is no user session, so it does not know how to respond to the request. This is kind of a special case for which we could/should write a fix.